I help powerhouse corporate women get promoted into executive leadership positions.

Getting promoted into executive leadership requires a different communication strategy and executive level thinking.

The first 20 years of your career, being seen as the subject matter expert was the most important criteria to getting promoted.

But now you are SO consumed by your in-the-weeds mentality that they don’t have the time or energy to put together a professional development plan.

It’s no surprise that you’re tired of putting in so much work at your organization, only to have it go unnoticed...

You want to see the results of your time, effort, and energy. To have a say in big decisions. For your voice, your ideas, your feedback to be heard. Truly heard.

You deserve to have someone in your corner. And that someone can be me.


What Clients Have to Say About Working with Stacy

“Working with Stacy has been such a transformative experience.

Stacy is an excellent coach. Working with Stacy has been such a transformative experience. She has come to know my nature, my character, my strengths and weaknesses in such a way that our conversations are always focused on Stacy asking just the right questions to force me to think in ways I have not considered before. 

Stacy is incredibly thoughtful and engaged in the best outcomes and growth for me. I have seen myself transform in new ways that allow for growth past my own preconceived notions of myself and my limitations. Stacy is quick to share observed qualities and strengths; making certain that I leverage the things I am good at to develop my skills in other areas. I would absolutely recommend Stacy to any person or company seeking to obtain high performance and results."

- Jennifer, Promoted to Chief Sales Officer

Jennifer (1)

“I got my promotion and a whole lot more!

Stacy is very quick to understand the internal and external circumstances around an individual that affect their professional well-being and development. She breaks down a situation so it is easy to reflect on it and figure out where the attention should be given. Then she provides expert advice on how to approach giving the attention needed.

Stacy is a great listener, while she also provides invaluable guidance and is not afraid to speak her mind.

I worked with her only 6 months where we structured my growth strategy and I got my promotion and a whole lot more! She has helped to shape me into the professional I am today and I am infinitely grateful to her for all that she gave me and taught me!"

- Diana, Promoted to Chief Financial Officer

"I am forever grateful to Stacy for her guidance and direction.

Oh my gosh, what can I say!? I am forever grateful to Stacy for her guidance and direction. The wonderful thing about her is that she doesn’t impose her own ideas onto you, rather, she helps pull out your own ideas to help you be successful.

Stacy and I were a match made in heaven, at the first in-person meeting. I will never forget her intent listening, empathy, and genuine interest throughout my entire experience. She has a Theater background, and interestingly enough I found that to be incredibly valuable during our engagement. She encourages people to be bold and expressive, confident and present. In my opinion, those are theatrical skills that translate well in any business environment. I am forever grateful to Stacy."

- Amanda, Manager, Licensed Attorney


"The impact and tangible outcomes far exceeded my expectations.

I expected the insights gained from coaching to be helpful and interesting, however, the impact and tangible outcomes of the coaching program far exceeded my expectations. Within 2 months, I was starting a new role within my organization, with a 12% salary increase, and even more importantly, the opportunity to learn and grow in a new field for me.   

I defined time-specific career development goals that would get me where I want to be for the rest of my life. I realized how resistant I have been to share my goals with people who can help me meet these goals, and when I overcome this resistance, things change quickly! I gained insight into ways I have been guarded about keeping strict boundaries between my work and personal relationships and am more open to exploring decreasing the rigidity of these lines."

- Kat, Promoted to Associate Director

Ready to claim your seat at the table?

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