Your team is a reflection of your leadership...

And if you’re only focused on your ability to knock tasks off your to-do list or achieve your personal career goals, you’re missing an opportunity to step into a leadership role where you have the power to inspire your entire team and organization to perform at a higher level.

Maybe you’d like to lead a team and feel like you could make a bigger difference in your current organization if they gave you more responsibility. Or maybe you’re already managing a team, but you don’t feel like you’re working in sync, and they aren’t giving you the respect and trust you deserve.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself…

“I don’t like confrontation, so I’d rather avoid awkward or disciplinary conversations.”
“My job would be SO much easier if my team took more initiative and worked together.”
“The only way to make sure it’s done right is to do it yourself.”
“I wonder when it’ll be my turn to lead a team or get promoted?”
“I wish I had the confidence to speak up and share my ideas more often.”’s probably because you haven’t shifted your mindset from manager to leader yet.

Reframing how you think about your big picture role in your organization can help you finally transition into that more fulfilling leadership space you know you were meant for, so you can put your big vision into action.

You don’t have to be good at everything to be a good leader. You don’t have to have all the answers. And you don’t have to quiet self-expression, be more assertive, or even strive harder.


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Learn what it takes to be a likeable, effective and confident leader...

Each year, I facilitate a limited number of team-building workshops to help you start showing up as the leader you want your team to see you as—and the one you know you are, underneath the layers of self-doubt and fear.

Below are sample workshops I can facilitate, but I’m also open to customizing any experience to meet the needs of you and your team.

STRATEGIC SILENCES How to Get More Out of Your Team by Asking Them to Work Less

All work and no play makes anyone a dull performer. Building downtime into your offsite helps your team be more productive, because they have the energy to focus for longer periods and get better at prioritizing problems.

Frequent strategic breaks also re-energize the mind and body, spark creativity, and enhance well-being, so you’ve got a happier team on your hands.

The Method: You conduct an Offsite or Day-Long event and I design the strategic breaks that’ll help your team stay focused throughout the long day, so they can refresh their brains and be truly creative and innovative.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 2.0 Communicate Better and Collaborate Creatively as a Team

Learn 66 proven strategies for recognizing, understanding, and managing emotions in yourself and others. Communicate and negotiate more effectively, relate better to one another, and use empathy to empower and support one another even if your goals or perspectives are different.

When you raise the emotional intelligence levels of your entire team, you boost employee loyalty and job satisfaction, improve decision-making skills on the individual level, and help everyone feel less stressed and more productive at work.

The Method: As a Certified TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence 2.0 instructor, I facilitate one, two and half day workshops to inspire your team to perform better and connect deeper.

MBTI TEAM BUILDING Build Stronger Teams and Organizations Using the Power of Personality

The biggest challenges most managers face are personality-based. You can hire the best of the best, but if your employees aren’t working in sync and you don’t have them in roles that are aligned with their inherent strengths, your team will never perform to its full potential.

When you understand how each employee likes to work, what they excel or struggle with, and what their underlying motivations are, you can put the most efficient teams together and inspire every team member to take ownership over their individual roles and responsibilities. You’ll also understand how to give better feedback and “flex” your leadership style to accommodate different personalities on your team.

The Method: As a Certified MBTI instructor, I facilitate one, two and half day workshops to help teams build self-awareness and understand each other’s differences, so everyone communicates and acts in a way that respects the individual personalities and work styles of their colleagues. And that means less office politics, more creative collaboration.

STRENGTHSFINDER FOR TEAMS Discover Your Unique Leadership Style & Develop Your Team’s Natural Talents

What if you could lead your team by doing what you’re best at and calling on the right strength at the right time? When you understand where you and every team member “fits” into the big picture of your organization, you can be more productive and get better results because you’re catering to everyone’s natural talents.

Learn how to use your authentic leadership style to increase employee motivation, performance and loyalty. By playing into everyone’s strengths, you and your team can start playing bigger and channel your energy into high-impact growth strategies.

The Method: I facilitate one, two and half day workshops to help you and your team members discover your top 5 strengths using the CliftonStrengths Assessment develop by the Gallup Organization, so you can nurture natural talents and use them to your advantage in team settings.

SPEAKING ON THE SPOT How the Art of Improv Can Help Your Team Solve Problems in Real-Time

Real-time problem-solving is the essence of influential leadership. Learn the art of impromptu speaking to spark innovation, engage active listening skills, and boost team morale.

When every team member feels seen and heard, you generate better ideas by tapping into diverse perspectives, implement faster, and create highly engaged employees who feel like their contributions are truly respected and valued, even if they don’t have all the answers.

The Method: As a certified high-performance coach with a background in improv comedy, I facilitate on-site workshop series to help teams feel more clear and confident sharing their ideas and giving feedback in day-to-day interactions, meetings and presentations.

THE FIVE FOUNDATIONS OF A THRIVING TEAM Inspire Better Team Performance with Accountability and Transparency

There are five critical foundations for a collaborative, high-performing team that thrives under the right leadership: Trust, conflict resolution skills, commitment, accountability, and a focus on team results.

When your team feels comfortable sharing ideas, asking for help, and participating in constructive feedback, you’re more open to positive change and take clear action that prioritizes the collective success of the team.

The Method: I facilitate one, two and half day workshops to help you and your team members master the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team model created by Patrick Lencioni, so team members how to communicate openly, resolve conflicts peacefully, and respect each other’s differences.