Sometimes all you need to get out of the weeds and start seeing the big picture is a fresh perspective.

Right now there are two ways I can support your professional and personal growth...

1:1 High-Performance Coaching

An intensive 1:1 leadership coaching and personal development experience to help you figure out your next steps if you’re navigating a promotion, job transfer, changing team dynamics, or want to renew your passion for your current organizational role. Learn how to build an authentic leadership presence, use strategic thinking and delegation to get more done, and create better work-life integration.

Team Building Workshops

Do you understand the talents, biases and underlying motivations of the people at your workplace? Inspire your team to be more productive and responsive by fostering a culture of innovation and diversity. These experiential workshops show you how to expand your influence and nurture employee productivity and loyalty using practical tools like strategic breaks, emotional intelligence, and strengths and personality assessments.

How does my coaching approach get you the results you deserve?

It’s a unique blend of leadership development, creating awareness, and accountability.

Leadership Skills

Scientific assessments, advanced leadership techniques, confidence building exercises and strategic thinking methods help you discover your true strengths and develop your own leadership style.

Mindset Mastery

Mindfulness techniques help you be present in the moment and trust your intuition, so you can try methods outside your comfort zone and build confidence in your decision-making abilities.

Feedback & Support

Personalized guidance helps you find the clarity you need to make progress on your goals, move past procrastination and self-doubt, and build flexibility into a structured growth strategy plan.  


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“She is a phenomenal coach and can motivate you to think of creative ways of navigating your career.”

I met Stacy during the Platinum Exchange Leadership program. Our sessions always ended with action items that she helped me come up with and which steered me in the right direction. Stacy also has a cheerful, pleasing personality and is an absolute joy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal career coach.

Aradhana Vaidya
Customer Success Manager at Autodesk