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Hi, I’m Stacy Mayer. I’m a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist who helps powerhouse corporate managers get promoted into senior executive leadership roles in a way that aligns with their values and strengths.

My clients work for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious technology companies and professional associations, but they’re struggling to get the recognition and buy-in they need to step into their full leadership potential.

As an ambitious business owner and dedicated mom from a high-stress hedge fund background, I know what it’s like to want to advance your career without burning out. To work your tail off and wonder why you’re still underrecognized, underappreciated, and underpaid. To feel self-doubts get in the way of your desire to lead and make an impact.

All while having that unshakeable feeling you’re meant for more than filling team gaps...

The ONE thing standing between you and that promotion

While working as a coach and facilitator for one of the Bay Area’s premier women’s leadership organizations, I noticed many high-performing corporate managers still struggled to get promoted into senior executive positions.

They checked off all the fundamental leadership criteria: executive presence, risk-taking, strategic thinking, successfully managing a team. They could outwork anyone and were go-to experts in their organization. So why did they keep getting passed over for promotion?

Because they were missing that ONE thing upper management looks for in all senior-level candidates: The communication skills to advocate for themselves, manage up, and speak to the bigger vision — not just the task in front of them.

Instead of being proactive and offering solutions, they’d wait for their bosses to give them more responsibility. They were too busy picking up everyone else’s slack to ask and make time for the high profile opportunities they wanted. They’d become so frustrated with feeling undervalued and overwhelmed, they’d often have knee-jerk reactions to office politics.

Worst of all, they weren’t speaking up. About their extraordinary contributions. About their dreams for career advancement. About their unique leadership perspective and their ideas for making their organization better.

They were waiting to become a senior-level executive before they started acting like one, which was a HUGE mistake. And not only was it crushing their chances of success, but it was limiting their organization’s capacity to grow.

The good news is: If you’re struggling to get the recognition you deserve, I can show you how to navigate your way to the top by developing a leadership growth plan that’s unique to you.

I show my clients how to speak up AND share their voice in a way that’s heard, so they become respected thought leaders and changemakers in their organizations.

Through our work together, I can show you how to tap into the power of your signature leadership style, create better relationships with your team members and bosses, and develop the emotional intelligence of someone ready to claim their seat at the executive leadership table.

Because it’s not enough to want that promotion. You’ve got to know how to go out and get it.


Within 3 weeks, Diana was offered a position as Vice President of Finance at a different organization — and now, 10 months later, she was promoted to CFO!

“Stacy is very quick to understand the internal and external circumstances around an individual that affect their professional well-being and development. She breaks down a situation, so it’s easy to reflect on it and figure out where the attention should be given. I worked with her for only 6 months to structure my growth strategy, and I got my promotion and a whole lot more!”

Chief Financial Officer

My bigger mission is to bring more diverse voices to the leadership table

The majority of people who reach the senior executive level aren’t women, BIPOC, or LGBTQ. If we want the world to change — this needs to change, too. By helping 1000 underrepresented corporate managers get promoted into senior-level executive positions each year worldwide, my goal is to bring more diverse perspectives to our leadership tables. So people like you with fresh, bold ideas can build a career with no limits, have greater decision-making power, and make a bigger impact within your organization and beyond.


My Core Values


Always take responsibility for your actions, your destiny, and how you show up in your personal and professional life.


Diversity is the cornerstone of innovative teams. If you want to change a relationship, start by changing your approach.


The most effective leaders prioritize personal development and keep learning. If you’re not growing, you’re stagnating.

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The Official Bio

Stacy Mayer is a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by getting 1000 underrepresented corporate managers promoted into senior executive positions each year worldwide.

She helps undervalued executives scale to the C-Suite using repositioning strategies that build their confidence and visibility, so they can earn the recognition and support they need from key stakeholders while embodying their unique leadership style.

Her podcast “Maximize Your Career with Stacy Mayer” tackles topics like executive communication, getting more respect in the workplace from challenging bosses and team members, and avoiding the common mistakes that sabotage career advancement.