Here’s what it actually takes to get promoted into higher-level executive positions

Hey Corporate Badass, I see you.

You have worked hard to get to where you are in your career right now. You're at the top of your game.  And you’re proud of it (as you should be).

You’ve got excellent leadership skills, it’s obvious to anyone who is on your team.  They adore you.

But ask your manager or your boss’s boss?  Well, they keep telling you that you’re not quite ready for that next-level promotion.  That you need to “keep doing what you’re doing”.  Or maybe you’ve been promoted but you still aren’t being included in the executive level conversations.

And you’re sick of it.  You did not work so hard to get where you are today only to be dismissed by others who (if we’re really honest) are less qualified than you.

Am I right?


If your title and pay reflected your true leadership abilities, you’d be running the c-suite by now.

So while you KNOW you’re ready for a seat at the table, for now you just feel stuck and frustrated, putting out fires and solving other people’s problems.

What you really wanna be doing is engaging in the high-level strategic thinking

You want to be an influential decision maker in the organization.

You want to be included.

And frankly, you want to have a VOICE at the table (not just a seat).

Here’s the thing…

It’s not that leadership doesn't care about you, love you or think you’re the greatest thing.

They just don’t see you as an executive leader (yet).

Putting out everyone else’s fires is keeping you from being seen as someone who can solve the BIGGER problems.

When you are stuck in the weeds, even if you are technically an executive leader, you still might not be seen as one.

And that’s not your fault.

The reason you’re getting caught up in the tactical things is because you’ve been given really bad advice

  • ‘Work harder’, and
  • ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing and your work will speak for itself’

But the truth is, if you ‘keep doing what you are doing’ you’ll be in the exact same place 3 years from now.

Because the people giving you this advice? They’re all men, right? Yet what works for men, doesn’t work for you…

Certain leaders can build trust with other leaders WITHOUT words coming out of their mouth. Simply because they look like them.

That’s why you’ll see less qualified leaders get promoted without much effort.

So as a woman , when you’re told ‘keep doing what you’re doing’, DON’T. That would be the worst thing for you to do.

It’s NOT an option for you ‘to wait and see’.

Because you won’t organically build trust in the same way as your male colleagues.

PLUS you’re not getting invited to the golf course, the after work drinks, the cycling club…

That’s why when opportunities come up, you’re not the first person they think of.

You have to create those opportunities for yourself.

But don’t worry, creating your OWN opportunities doesn’t need to feel difficult and confusing.

You start with becoming more like your OWN version of an executive leader.

There are skills you do better as a woman — empathy, compassion, emphasis on inclusion and equality — and you need to bring those with you as you get promoted vs tamper them down so you’re more like the rest of the room.

That’s why it’s not enough for me to just help you get promoted,  I’m committed to helping you bring your WHOLE self to the leadership table.

Hi, I’m Stacy

I’m an executive coach and promotion strategist — I help women strategize on what it’s going to take to get you into higher-level executive positions.

I worked for several years for a women’s leadership organization in Silicon Valley.

I noticed while we were empowering women to speak up and own their value, they still weren’t getting the titles and pay to match their abilities.

So when I started my own executive coaching business, I focused on what it would really take to get the title, higher salaries…but most importantly, to have that voice.

Within 6 months of starting my business, I coached three women to get promotions into the C-suite.

I knew I was onto something.

I wanted to make this repeatable and accessible to more and more women.

So I looked at what was working and created my step-by-step Executive Promotion Process, that has been helping me on my mission to double the number of women in the executive suite ever since.

The Leadership Table - logo draft

The Leadership Table is an executive training and personalized coaching program that teaches you how to think and communicate like an executive so you can get promoted, get paid and have a real voice at the table.

It’s where you’ll learn —

  • The ONE tool you can use to build trust with anyone…
    ...and put you ahead of the vast majority of leaders at your company.

  • Powerful executive communication strategies to establish your executive presence (Well, you and I will call it that. Your boss will call it "the best 1:1 you've ever had").

  • You’ll show leadership not only WHAT you’ve accomplished, but HOW you’ve accomplished it so it doesn’t feel like ‘bragging’.

  • How to effortlessly improve your communication with executives, teams, and clients with one doable shift in your language.

  • The mindset and tactical strategies to accomplish more of what's important being strategic rather than getting stuck in the details.

  • How to create a tangible vision and plan for getting to your next role
    ...and the next 2 roles after that.

  • Breakthrough techniques to increase your confidence, executive presence and communication.

  • Mastery of difficult conversations without pissing people off or burning bridges.

  • What your gaps are and what steps you can take to move your career to executive you can become an advocate for what you believe in - kindness, inclusion, empathy.


“With Stacy's help, I have up-leveled myself as a leader by 3xing my vision, getting clear on my goals and aspirations, changing the way I speak with other leaders, making faster and better decisions, defining my leadership style, increasing my self-awareness and building trust both in myself and with other leaders.”

Andrea, Received a skip-level promotion to Vice President of Customer Success

Here’s what it actually takes to get the recognition and voice at the table you know you deserve

Get off the rollercoaster of feast-or-famine and waiting for performance reviews, and hoping for recognition…and  make advocating for yourself second-nature.

  1. Deliberately manage your career rather than waiting for performance review time to advocate for your promotion.
  2. Take the time to focus on your professional development year round.
  3. Build trust with the entire executive team, including your CEO.
  4. Pull yourself out of the details in every conversation with your boss.
  5. Believe that you are ready to lead at the executive level, so that when opportunities do come your way, you can say yes!

This simple, powerful process is at the heart of every step in my Executive Promotion Process.

My proven Executive Promotion Process covers everything you need to accelerate your Executive Presence and get the recognition you (already) deserve!


We’ll dive into my top strategies for getting out of the weeds and onto the path towards your next big promotion.  You will learn…

  • Why focusing on developing your management skills (rather than your executive leadership skills) is holding you back from advancing into a senior leadership position.

  • How to define your unique leadership style so you (and your executive team) see you more as an executive leader instead of a subject matter expert.

  • Ways to communicate your visionary leadership in your next 1:1 with your boss.

  • How to come up with badass ideas to share with your boss that demonstrate that you can think like a senior executive leader.

  • What the executive team actually wants to hear from you aka the difference between laying out all the details vs. sharing your vision for a project.


“I now have what I need to quit making excuses for why I’m in the weeds and to be able to pull myself out instead.

Laura, Received a promotion to Head of Higher Education Sales


You will learn how to effectively build a big, bold, inspiring vision for the future of your career, so that you never stumble again when posed with the question, “Where do you see yourself long term?”.

You will learn…

  • The science behind why most visualization exercises fail and why 3xing your Vision is so much more than a visualization tool.

  • Why 3xing your vision is the most practical way to reach your career goals and how to identify (and share) what your long-term vision actually is.

  • How to make big, bold decisions that will help you move closer to the 3xed vision of your career.

  • How having a strong vision for your career will help you commit to your long-term goals and make them happen for you in half the time.

  • How to use the “compound effect” to make executive level decisions, and the questions you need to be asking yourself.

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“Stacy really challenged me to think bigger about my career and inspired me to step up as a leader, develop important relationships and have a bigger impact.”

Lindsay, Received a promotion to Head of Investment Operations


Get the most effective tools and strategies to manage your emotions so you can speak up AND actually be heard.  You will learn…

  • How to translate your emotions and identify what they are really telling you.

  • Why fighting to be right is having the opposite effect when it comes to building trust with leadership.

  • A simple, yet effective daily practice that will help you notice and manage your thoughts, which will make managing how you feel throughout the day 10x easier.

  • The science of emotions, including how you can better understand and manage your emotions the next time you experience resentment, fear or anxiety at work.

  • How to work with a toxic boss, overcome trauma from challenging past experiences and confront microaggressions without ruining your chances of promotion.


“Stacy helped me transform in new ways that allow for growth past my own preconceived notions of myself and my limitations.”

Jennifer, Received double promotions to Senior Vice President and to Chief Sales Officer


Understand how to build trust with the executive team AND show them that you’re ready to lead at a higher level.

  • Practical tools  to help you identify the people you already know who will have the biggest impact on your career.

  • My proven 15-Minute Ally Meeting strategy to build relationships that will actually move your career forward.

  • How to ensure that the entire executive team not only knows your name but understands the value you bring to your organization so that you are the first person thought of when an opportunity comes up.

  • The career red flags that you need to watch out for so you can determine if you are headed in the right direction in your career and company.

  • How to feel unshakable receiving feedback (which is the secret to building or rebuilding trust).


“Stacy gave me the tools to engage in impactful conversations with leaders and influencers, expand my network, and bring intention into all of my actions and interactions.”

Kathryn, Received a promotion to Vice President Western Region


Receive the proven career strategy I use with my private coaching clients that’s helped them advance into executive leadership (or elevate the role they were already in) and learn exactly how to apply it to your unique leadership goals.  You will learn…

  • How to uncover your core leadership values and use them to guide your career vision strategy.

  • How to create a step-by-step Promotion Blueprint that will keep you motivated toward your long-term goals.

  • How to take ownership for reaching your new career goals (instead of waiting to be told what to do).

  • My evaluation process to measure your success along the way.

  • Why the steps in my proven Executive Promotion Process set you up on the path to executive leadership.


Stacy provides advice, feedback, and a career blueprint consistent with your own unique needs so you can improve your leadership, self-confidence, and self-awareness and lead from the front.”

Felicia, Received a promotion to Senior Consultant HRBP


By the end of this module you will have mastered a repeatable process to advance your career that you can use at all different stages of your professional growth.  You will learn…

  • Why growth may not be the first thing you think of when asked about your core values but, when you add it to your list, you will advance into executive leadership twice as fast.

  • How to stop failing ahead of time by getting even more comfortable with failure.

  • The business case for having YOU in a senior-level executive position and how your next promotion is the first step to you being the change you really want to see at your organization.

  • How to bring your Authentic Power to the leadership table so you truly have a voice.

  • How to continue along YOUR unique leadership path all the way to the c-suite.


The program will help you unlock the next level of your amazing self. The format of these six [modules] offers a pathway, the support and the means for motivation for you to take the steps in leading your life and career in the direction you want it to go. It also gives you the kinship of a powerful community of supportive people all headed in a similar direction and taking this path along with you. You’ll be glad you took the step!

Kendra, Senior Manager, Political Consultant

Whether you decide to stay at organization or leave, my proven Executive Promotion Process helps you make it to the next level

As a powerhouse corporate woman, you have options.  You don’t have to stay in an environment that doesn’t support you.

That’s why, included in The Leadership Table enrollment, is…

My Most Popular ‘INTERVIEW MASTERY’ course

That will  teach you how to interview for a next-level promotion.

You’ll learn  how to interview at the next level — for the job you want rather than the job you currently have.

This isn’t just a course that teaches you how to answer interview questions.

It’s a course that teaches you how to get promoted THROUGH  interviewing.

You’ll learn

  • How to answer interview questions like an executive leader.
  • How to update your linkedin profile for the job you want.
  • How to update your resume or corporate bio for the job you want, not the job you have.

This complete bonus course gives you everything you need to land the role of your dreams.

And you’ll receive immediate access when you enroll in The Leadership Table.


“Stacy has a great gift of helping people look at the broad view of what it takes to excel at the next level, as well as truly helping you identify your most important drivers in the work world. Her ability to connect and gather insights is remarkable, and her laughter is infectious. 10/10 recommend working with her!”

Jennifer, Received a promotion to Vice President, Product Management

Which Leadership Table Path is Right for You?

Payment plan available

Leadership Table

This option is for you if you are tired of being a lone ranger in your career and comfortable collaborating with other women to claim your voice at the table

  • Lifetime access to the full library of video lessons and worksheets designed to teach you everything you need to land your next promotion and be successful once you get there
  • Lifetime access to small group breakthrough sessions with Me each week to answer questions and learn to apply the training modules to your unique situation, creating your own promotion blueprint
  • Monthly peer roundtable discussions inside Zoom for you to network and receive live mentorship from other women in the group
  • A dedicated Slack Channel with you and the other women in the group so you can network and receive guidance and encouragement between breakthrough calls
  • Private members only podcast and membership portal app so you can listen to all videos and breakthrough calls on the go. 
  • Lifetime access to all past and future training materials ever created for The Leadership Table Project including my most popular Interview Mastery Course
  • Lifetime access to the Corporate Badass Directory, a place where all Leadership Table clients are listed so it’s easy to network and share opportunities

Payment plan available

Leadership Table COACHING

This option is for you if you know you want a personalized coaching experience and are ready to be one of a few that I can work with 1:1 this quarter

  • Lifetime access to the full library of video lessons and worksheets designed to teach you everything you need to land your next promotion and be successful once you get there
  • Lifetime access to small group breakthrough sessions with Me each week to answer questions and learn to apply the training modules to your unique situation, creating your own promotion blueprint
  • Monthly peer roundtable discussions inside Zoom for you to network and receive live mentorship from other women in the group
  • A dedicated Slack Channel with you and the other women in the group so you can network and receive guidance and encouragement between breakthrough calls
  • Private members only podcast and membership portal app so you can listen to all videos and breakthrough calls on the go. 
  • Lifetime access to all past and future training materials ever created for The Leadership Table Project including my most popular Interview Mastery Course
  • Lifetime access to the Corporate Badass Directory, a place where all Leadership Table clients are listed so it’s easy to network and share opportunities
  • 6 months of 1:1 executive coaching sessions and 24/7 private Slack access to Me focusing on goals created at the beginning of the engagement
  • 6 months of VIP only group coaching sessions with Me where you will mastermind with other powerhouse women leaders and receive career strategy and direct coaching from me twice per month
  • Executive leadership assessments, including MBTI, Strengths Finder and Emotional Intelligence with personalized interpretation of the results + additional reading materials
  • Private phone interviews with 2 key stakeholders including a personalized 360 assessment and debrief outlining how their feedback can directly apply to your executive coaching goals

Apply for a strategy call to be one of the few women I work with 1:1 this quarter

Weekly breakthrough calls in a group setting
makes your individual growth possible

You aren't just applying the modules as a one-size fits all approach.  Weekly group breakthrough calls with me helps you apply everything in the modules to YOUR unique situation.

I help you find the language you can use — that’s MOST relevant for you and your situation — to confidently go into that 1:1 with your boss.

Plus, the truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know.   You don’t even need to have a question to get value from these calls.

As you listen to the other women in the group (live or on the recording) ask their questions, you’re going to realize questions you didn’t know you already had.

You’re going to hear them and apply them to yourself.

And because we’re all going through this at different stages, you’re going to create connections with women from all different organizations from all over the world.

All of this happens on our weekly breakthrough calls, and you get access to these calls for life.


“Stacy has a remarkable ability to understand where I am mentally in processing whatever current challenges I am facing in my career. She then comes in and causes a mental shift in the way I have been approaching the issue causing me to function at a higher level. She then shows me how this same mentality can be applied to more upcoming issues in the future. This is what makes Stacy one of the best career coaches. She is in it for you to win.”

Atiya, Received a promotion to Digital Consulting Manager

Your path to executive leadership starts with embodying my Executive Promotion Process

(regardless of your current title)

If you’re a new manager (or transitioning into management) — this process will work for you.

If you’re at the Director level, like the majority of the women in the program  — this process will work for you.

If you’re already at the  executive level  but still don’t have a voice — this process will work for you.

And The Leadership Table is a lifetime access program.

Which means the women inside are able to use this process at each level of their career.

They’ve applied my proven Executive Promotion Process…got promoted,

…re-visited the modules again,

…applied the principles the to their new level (and gotten promoted…AGAIN)


“I highly recommend Stacy’s coaching to anyone who wants help both pinpointing what they need to adjust and putting the changes into practice in a supportive, honest way. The only thing that disappoints me about this experience is that I didn’t do it years earlier.

Kristi, Received a promotion to Vice President Business Development

Changing the leadership table doesn’t happen when you’re relying on company sponsored coaching

Many company sponsored coaching and training programs are designed to make you a better manager (aka they're about helping the company get more of what it wants).

The Leadership Table teaches you how to apply your excellent management skills to your career.  

I care more about YOU than your organization.

I want you to be recognized for your ideas and not just the hours you put in at work.

I want you to have the title and pay that actually matches your abilities.

And I want you to not only have a seat at the table but to have a voice as well.

YOU could be my next Leadership Table success story.


“Stacy is able to hone in on the issues each of us are struggling with, and it is rewarding to see the progress in myself and others week-over-week.”

Thelma, Received a promotion to Senior Director of Change Management Technology

I Want This

Receive immediate access to the training materials and weekly group breakthrough calls with me

Once you join The Leadership Table,
you’ll see results within the first week

Because Everything I teach, you do on the job. You’re not adding time to your day.

You’re actually getting back time.

You will  apply what I teach in your NEXT 1:1 conversation with your boss.

You will learn to network and build trust with executives on YOUR schedule (no more after-hour parties at the bar).

You will start receiving the benefits (and cash) of being an executive leader NOW, not after you get a bigger team.

And building your career using my Executive Promotion Process allows YOU to get promoted on YOUR terms.

Don’t wait until ‘later’ when you can start experiencing these changes from TODAY.


“I joined the program during possibly the worst time of my professional life in terms of bandwidth, and I still got a huge amount out of it. The impact of this program is immediate.”

Kat, Received a promotion to Associate Director

Let your next promotion be as easy as a conversation with a trusted colleague. And let your salary reflect the REAL impact of your leadership.

I Want This

Receive immediate access to the training materials and weekly group breakthrough calls with me

You might be wondering…

Questions answered and ready to decide?

I Want This

Receive immediate access to the training materials and weekly group breakthrough calls with me

Executive leaders don’t have seasons.
They’re an executive ALL year round.

Maybe you WANT to join The Leadership Table, but you’re planning on saving it for ‘later’?

But I want you to know that the right time, right place doesn’t just happen to you. It is something you create.

This is a mantra you will hear me use a lot on our weekly group breakthrough calls and it’s true.

Now I am going to deliver some more tough love coaching.

When you become an executive leader, you will be an executive all year round.

You’ll always be…

  • Building relationships.
  • Challenging yourself to get out of the weeds and to think and communicate at a higher level.
  • Somebody who knows what’s next, and knows what’s two promotions after that, and you’re making decisions from that place.

And the way we do this using my Executive Promotion Process is not exhausting. It’s actually way less stressful than what you are doing right now.


You won’t be waiting for someone to offer you an opportunity.

You won’t be waiting until your company announces layoffs.

You won’t wait until you’re passed over for a promotion (again).

Or until your company has a hiring freeze.

You’ll stop saying ‘no’ when opportunities are handed to you just because you don’t ‘feel’ ready yet.

And you’ll stop trying to figure all of this out on your own.

When you get off the rollercoaster of waiting for your performance review to advocate for yourself, you BECOME in control of your career. And that control stays with you for the rest of your career.

The best time to join The Leadership Table was yesterday…the second best time is now.

If you know you’re going to join eventually, I encourage you to just say…yes…today!

You get to *decide* that you’re ready to make this shift now.

I cannot wait to see you on our next live breakthrough call!

Want to know which Leadership Table path is right for you? Book a Strategy Call.


Within months of working with Stacy, I received a title and salary boost. And the promotions kept coming! The sense that I am fully utilizing my knowledge, skills and talents is wonderful - the added financial freedom isn't bad either 😉”

Heather, Received a promotion to Chief Operations Officer