Get Promoted to the Executive Level Faster with a 6-Month Leadership Growth Plan

There’s a faster path to executive leadership...

One that doesn’t require you to work harder to get your boss’s attention. 

Wait for someone to leave your organization, so an opportunity opens up. 

Or hold off on asking for promotion until your next performance review.

Yet so many corporate women, even those at Director and Vice President level positions, are SO consumed by their in-the-weeds mentality that they don’t have the time or energy to put together a professional development plan.

It’s no surprise that you’re tired of putting in so much work at your organization, only to have it go unnoticed...

You want to see the results of your time, effort, and energy. To have a say in big decisions. For your voice, your ideas, your feedback to be heard. Truly heard.

You know you’re capable of taking your career to the next level. And you’re ready, too. All you’re missing is a step-by-step action plan for making that promotion yours.

What you want most is...
  • Strategic guidance from a certified executive coach who is outside of your organization and specializes in what it takes to get you promoted into a senior executive leadership position
  • Accountability to help you stick to a clearly defined professional development plan that builds your confidence, improves your visibility, and gets you “buy-in” from the people who can support your career advancement
  • Candid feedback from a trusted advisor who is focused on helping YOU grow and reach your professional goals, unlike the coaches corporations hire to focus on team-building and the organization’s goals

You deserve to have someone in your corner. And that someone can be me.

Introducing: The Leadership Table

A comprehensive 6-month executive coaching program that helps corporate women go from under-appreciated, under-recognized and underpaid to being seen as a valued member of the leadership team — with the title and pay increase to match.

Imagine how much faster you could advance your career if...
  • You got out of the weeds and reprioritized your efforts, so you could spend more time on the strategic work that matters
  • You had the confidence to promote and share your accomplishments with key stakeholders without feeling braggy
  • You had a team of mentors and sponsors to support your personal and professional growth — and advocate on your behalf in your organization
  • You had more downtime to unplug, refresh, and create space for big ideas because you never felt the need to micromanage your team or redo their work
  • You knew how to step into an authentic leadership role with your values, integrity, and sanity intact

The corporate professionals in this program learn how to build their confidence and find their voice so they can take their career to the next level. And that kind of self-trust leads to better delegating and more strategic communication.

When you join The Leadership Table, we map out the exact steps you need to take so you can start getting the respect and recognition you deserve.

You’ll start understanding the why behind your goals. You’ll learn how to collaborate with others to reach your goals. And those goals will be fine-tuned within the program, so you have clarity around the steps you need to take to achieve what you’ve been working so hard for.


Recieved a 12% pay increase!

“The outcomes of the 360 interviews provided an actionable framework for me to move forward in my career development.”

Associate Director


Promoted to COO!

“With Stacy’s coaching and continued support, I achieved a huge professional goal and accepted an executive leadership position with a local investment firm.”

Creative Operations Leader


From Constantly Striving to Consistently Thriving!

"The best investment I’ve made in myself to date."

Senior Director, Change Management

When we work together on a career growth strategy plan, your coaching experience is tailored to your goals and infuses:

Strengths-Based Visioning

Getting clarity around your most important goals and positioning your strengths to achieve them.

Executive Communication

Showing up with integrity in a way that’s aligned with your values and the way you want to be perceived.

Strategic Thinking

Creating a limitless scope for your vision and solving problems in real-time using innovative methods.


Developing the intuition, emotional intelligence and self-awareness to make confident decisions.


Understanding diverse perspectives and effectively communicating with others to get the results you want.

Self Motivation

Setting up an accountability system to stay committed to your goals long-term and take bolder risks.


Claimed her voice at the table!

“[Stacy] will become your biggest supporter and give you the tools and confidence needed to tackle any situation”

Vice President, Human Resources

Get everything you need to reach the senior executive level

This executive coaching program helps corporate women like you implement a clear promotion strategy, so you can feel confident about your ability to lead at a higher level, build partnerships that accelerate your leadership track, and get a voice at the table.

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching: Executive coaching sessions on Zoom with Stacy. These sessions help you laser in on your goals, so you can walk away with clarity on how to move forward to achieve them.
  • Small Group Sessions: Training and community with other executive leaders in a small group setting
  • Leadership Assessments: Gain access to multiple leadership assessments (MBTI, StrengthsFinder, Emotional Intelligence and more), an interpretation of our personalized results, and other materials to take those assessments and results even further.
  • 360 Feedback: Receive feedback along the way with stakeholder calls, a summary, and a report to use in our coaching calls.
  • Email Support: Need to ask a question before you go into that work meeting or presentation, so you can make the best impression? I got you.
  • Support Materials: Take your professional development journey deeper with hand-selected reading materials and a journal with writing prompts.

Executive coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Gain visibility with executives, so you’ll be top of mind for Director or C-Suite level promotions
  • Be the person the big boss calls on for fresh ideas and opinions because they value your perspective
  • Set up an accountability system to stay committed to your goals, so you can increase your promotability and take bolder risks
  • Learn how to strategically communicate your value to upper management and use your unique strengths as tools for success
  • Take your ego out of the equation and manage your emotions better, so you can “go high” with difficult stakeholders and embody the confidence of a true leader

This 6-month executive coaching program gives you a clear path to reaching the next level in your career, whether you do it with your current organization or move on to a new opportunity.


Became a role model for her organization!

“I have seen myself transform in new ways that allow for growth past my preconceived notions of myself and my limitations.”

Chief Sales Officer

Why executive coaching, and why now?

After years of coaching other corporate women to become senior executive leaders, I’ve noticed there’s only one thing standing between you and your highest potential: Having the right support system in place.

Beyond your team, beyond your boss, you also need a strategic partner who is helping you get the best out of YOU. This is where I come in.

Getting promoted into senior executive leadership roles is more challenging than any promotions that came before it. That means what got you here won’t get you there…

Without the right tools, personal situational analysis, accountability, and training, it’s almost impossible to reach the C-Suite level.

So if you decide to keep wishing and waiting for that promotion, you might find yourself in the same place a year from now. Sitting with unrealized potential, wondering why you were passed over for someone less qualified or with less seniority. Wondering if you should quit and find a new position somewhere else.

This doesn’t have to be your story. No matter where you are on the leadership track...NOW is the perfect time to start taking ownership of your career. And I can help you get there in as little as 6 months.