The Real Difference Between Those Who Make it to the C-Suite and Those Who Don’t

I see this all the time with the corporate leaders I talk to.

There are those who scale their careers to the C-Suite (seemingly) with ease, and then there are those who struggle to get unstuck.

And while there are many skills you can (and must) develop if you want to become a senior executive leader, there is one skill that underlies all the others:

Unapologetic ambition.

This term was coined by my coach (yes, everyone can benefit from coaching – even coaches!), and it means to truly, completely, OWN your ambition.

AND, it’s essentially the same process I use to get my clients promoted into senior executive leadership positions.

Now, I want to clarify this:

My clients don’t come to me being unapologetically ambitious. 

It’s a skill we work on together.

And, like any teachable skill, YOU can learn it too.

My name is Stacy Mayer, and I coach corporate leaders to get promoted into senior executive leadership positions. On this edition of Your Promotability Factor, I reveal how YOU can become unapologetically ambitious, too. 

Step #1: Understand Your Leadership Value

In order to become unapologetically ambitious, you first need to own this fact:

Your organization needs you at that higher executive leadership position.

Yes, really.

And in order to truly own that, you need to understand your value from a leadership perspective, NOT just from a subject matter expertise or tenure perspective.

So spend some time reflecting on that.

This is way deeper than personality assessments.

This is really embodying what it takes to get into that senior executive leadership role.

#2: Be Willing To Grow

As you grow into higher and higher leadership positions, you will face obstacles and challenges along the way.

For most corporate leaders, this creates feelings of fear.

And let’s be clear. Fear is completely normal.

But I don’t want you to focus on failure or fear. I want you to focus on growth.

Because if you have a growth mindset, you will be willing to put yourself out there in a bigger, bolder way.

So focus on ways you can grow. 

Schedule that meeting. 

Have a professional development conversation with your boss and let them know that your goal is growth. 

This will not only help you grow your leadership (and career), but will help you build your confidence along the way.

#3: Ask For What You Want And Need

You can’t succeed on your own.

People with unapologetic ambition ask for resources.

They understand that getting themselves out of the weeds is a huge priority at the senior executive level.

So they’re not afraid to ask for help.

They’re not afraid to leverage their relationships at work.

They’re not afraid to ask someone to sponsor them for a role.

So make it a habit (starting NOW) to ask for what you need.

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