How to Build Relationships with C-Suite Leaders (Starting TODAY)

There are key players in your organization that can have a massive impact on your career, but…do you know who they are?

Here’s the thing: it’s obvious that building a relationship with members of the C-Suite can help you climb the corporate ladder.

But, how do you actually figure out which executive leaders will have the biggest impact on your career?

My name is Stacy Mayer and I am on a mission to get a thousand underrepresented, amazing corporate leaders promoted into senior executive leadership positions each and every year worldwide. And in this edition of Your Promotability Factor, I show you the three steps you need to follow in order to identify the key players you need to start building connections with (starting TODAY).

Step #1: Think Long-Term

I want you to look to the future and imagine where you want to be in your career.

Now, I don’t want you to imagine your next position, or even the one after that. 

Imagine yourself three promotions from now. What kind of role are you in?

Who are the people you are regularly talking with and reporting to?

And most importantly: what members of the C-Suite are you working most closely with?

Identify who that C-Suite member is and start building relationships with them.

Step #2: Identify Your Organization’s Influencers

Who are the people who make things happen in your company?

And don’t assume someone’s an influencer just because they’re in a high level leadership position,

A lot of people, regardless of their title, have very little influence at their organization.

Sometimes even CEO’s of large companies have very little influence over who gets promoted.

So spend some time with this question.

Ask yourself: Who has gotten a promotion or a really cool project recently?

And who was the person who made that happen?

Step #3: Choose Who You Want to Emulate

Who are the people in your organization that you actually like?

Who’s leadership style do you admire? (Hint: it’s better if their style is different than your own.)

Who do you like being around?

Then, start to build relationships with those people.

If you’d like more support on how you can build the executive skills you need to catapult yourself to the C-Suite, make sure to check out my 6-week small group coaching intensive: Executive Ahead of Time.

Our next cohort begins in January. To learn more or sign up for the waitlist, go to

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