Ep #7: How to Attract Opportunities

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There's no better time than the week before Valentine's Day to begin thinking about attracting opportunities.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you walked into work one day and your boss just offered you a raise?  Or what if a manager in a different department asked if you had ever thought about moving to their team?  Or maybe you would simply like to be considered on a colleague's succession planning?

It's not only amazing but it's totally within your control to create.

In my first few episodes, I laid out for you the exact path I teach all of my clients to get the promotion and recognition they deserve.  Well, today I am pulling back the curtain and showing you WHY this works so well and exactly HOW it leads to more and more opportunities.

So if you ever wished you could be lucky like one of your co-workers and get hand picked for opportunities, you can finally stop wishing and start getting to work on your next promotion.

What You'll Learn:

  • What exactly I mean by attracting opportunities.
  • How the step-by-step process I taught in the previous episodes leads to more opportunities coming your way.
  • Why attracting opportunities does not mean passively waiting for something to happen.
  • How you'll know if you are open and ready for opportunities when they do appear.
  • Why right time/right place is also something you create and not just something that happens to you.  

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