Ep #5: How to Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors

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As we continue the conversation today about the 4-steps that I guide my clients through to get the promotion and recognition they deserve, I'm showing you the simplest tool for you that often gets overlooked.  It's something that almost every senior leader has in place and is the first thing they almost always attribute to their success.

It's called building your own personal board of directors.  And it is a concept that I created for my clients so that they could use their network and professional relationships with mentors and sponsors to craft their own promotion blueprint.

Corporate managers will often look to their family and friends for advice when it comes to their career.  It makes since, they have always been their most trusted advisors.  But that advice can fall short for 2 reasons - we have heard it all before AND they know us too well.

If you want to make it into that next level of leadership you need to have a strategy behind the people who give you advice and support your advancement.  And today I will be diving into exactly how you can get that started.

Join me this week as I show why you might be resistant to asking for support, who are the best mentors and sponsors to have on your board, how often you should meet and what the agenda should be for your meetings.

This step in my promotion process is so powerful and becomes a game changer to the way managers view leadership and their career advancement strategy.  I couldn't be more thrilled to share this tool with you too!

What You'll Learn:

  • Why relying on your family and friends for career advice doesn't actually get you to that next level.
  • How the first step to gaining support is being good at receiving feedback.
  • Why senior leaders prioritize mentors and sponsors to make them better at their actual job.
  • Exactly who you should have on your board and the best questions to ask them.
  • What's in it for them and why this is my favorite question to get you over the fear of formalizing your mentor relationships.

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