Ep #41: How to make office politics work for YOU

Whether you like them or not, understanding and engaging in office politics can have a powerful impact on your career.

You get that. In fact, you’ve probably seen people get promoted for political reasons multiple times in your career.

But, chances are that you’ve seen these things happen and thought to yourself: that’s not fair.

Now, you may think you’re avoiding conflict by complaining about office politics, but what ends up happening is that you just create conflict within yourself instead.

Because you will end up seeing other people get ahead in their careers for political reasons, while you stay in the same place.

I don’t complain about office politics. I get VERY excited about them.

They’re a problem to solve.

And I love solving problems.

So, in this episode of Maximize Your Career with Stacy Mayer, I dive into how to play office politics in a way that feels fun, authentic, AND helps you land the role you want.

What You'll Learn:

  • The three most challenging areas when it comes to navigating office politics (and how to overcome them)
  • The strategies politically savvy people use to advance their careers (Hint: it’s not about manipulation)
  • What to do if the politics of your organization are actively working against you
  • Why feeling “trapped” in a role stops you from thinking about possibilities
  • And how to tell when you’re not being politically savvy enough

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About Your Host

Hi! I'm Stacy Mayer, a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by getting 1000 underrepresented corporate managers promoted into senior executive positions each year worldwide.

I help undervalued executives scale to the C-Suite using repositioning strategies that build your confidence and visibility, so you can earn the recognition and support you need from key stakeholders while embodying your unique leadership style.

My podcast “Women Changing Leadership with Stacy Mayer” tackles topics like executive communication, getting more respect in the workplace from challenging bosses and team members, and avoiding the common mistakes that sabotage career advancement.

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