Ep #3: How to Become a Walking Billboard for Your Desires


Last episode, I talked about the first step that I lead my clients through to get the promotion and recognition they deserve, being willing to let go of what you are good at.  This time, I'm going to talk about step two: becoming a walking billboard for your desires.

I know you’re probably hiding under your desk right now, because nobody starts out feeling comfortable advocating for themself. I spent years trying to avoid putting myself out there, but all that did was keep me exactly where I was. Once I learned to share desires in a way that gave to others rather tan for my own self interest that’s when I started to be seen as a leader.

In this episode, we're diving into exactly why you are holding back from "bragging" about your accomplishments and why it's the key ingredient to getting you into a higher level leadership position.  I'll tell you what is working for my clients, some of the common traps that managers fall into when they begin to advocate for themselves and exactly what you can do instead.

To celebrate this launch, I am giving you 3 action packed episodes all at once.  Click to learn more about Ep #1 and Ep #2.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why it's natural to want to avoid "bragging" about yourself.
  • How it actually benefits your organization to share your accomplishments.
  • How you are holding yourself and your team back from success by NOT sharing about your accomplishments.
  • Exactly why otherwise successful people fall short when it comes to talking about their desires.
  • Why taking your professional development seriously actually makes you a better leader.

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