Ep. #28: Why Going for a Promotion Matters

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You might be saying to yourself, of course I want a promotion.  I have been trying for a promotion for years, I am ready.  Or you might be someone who says to yourself that title doesn't matter, you just want to make an impact.  Or maybe you already have the title you want, you would just like to get better at your job.  No matter what your reason for up-leveling your career, this episode is for you.

I will be breaking down exactly why you might be holding yourself back from that next level of leadership.  I am showing you why it's far riskier NOT to go for a promotion and the multiple benefits of actually actively pursuing a promotion vs. waiting for an offer to come your way.

Now is not the time to keep your head down and wait.  The decisions you make about your career will affect where you will be 6 months from now.  So if you don't see yourself doing the same role in 2021, then this episode will inspire you to make that move today.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why it's far riskier not to go for a promotion
  • How you may be saying no to opportunities and not realize it
  • What it means to go for a promotion vs. waiting to see what happens
  • All the ways a promotion actually makes your level of impact greater
  • The person you will become in the process

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