Ep. #27: How to Navigate Your Mid-Life (Career) Crisis

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A mid-life crisis isn't just the time when you trade in your minivan for a convertible, it can also be an opportunity to revaluate and question whether you want to keep doing what you are doing at work for the NEXT 20 years.

Now is the perfect time to make bold decisions about your career.

So what DO you want to be doing?  

Can you see yourself in this same position until retirement?  If the answer is no then it might be time to make a change.  And that change could be as simple as pursuing a higher level leadership position.

But while the decision to pursue a higher level leadership role can be simple, getting there is another story.

On today's episode I will be sharing with you why it can feel so difficult to navigate that messy place of middle management, what you can do to break out of it and how you can find the support you need along the way. 

It all starts with asking yourself a few simple questions.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why this is the perfect time to revaluate your career choices and create a plan for moving forward
  • How to navigate the messy middle and why it feels so icky
  • The reason transitioning into senior leadership may not be as simple as you thought
  • Why middle management puts you in a unique position of power
  • A simple, yet effective way to begin making that transition today

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