Ep #26: Ask for More: A Conversation with Alexandra Carter

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Negotiation is about more than just negotiating your salary or position.  In fact, as a corporate leader you are negotiating every single day.  You are negotiating for resources, for the impact you want to make or for future opportunities.  And after today's episode, you will not only desire to become a more skillful negotiator but you will have the tools to get you started (even if you don't think of yourself as the negotiating type).

Alexandra Carter is Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School, where she is also as an award-winning professor, and a world-renowned negotiation trainer for the United Nations. And she is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book "Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything."

She is a fierce, powerhouse woman but she is also completely real and down to earth.  I got so much out of reading her book and this interview takes all of her wisdom to a new level.  You will walk away with practical strategies to begin getting more of what you want as a leader.  You will know how to ask better questions.  And you will understand how your own mindset and beliefs could be the only thing stopping you from actually asking for more today.

This conversational and relaxed interview is so much fun and so raw, I know you are going to love it and want to share it with all your friends, even if the one's who aren't corporate leaders.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why everyone has the power within them to negotiate, from corporate leaders to stay at home moms
  • The place you need to start to make any negotiation successful (hint: it starts with I)
  • How negotiations are more about steering relationships than one-upping the other person
  • Why it's not only reasonable to negotiate during this crisis, it's expected
  • How we can use negotiation skills to negotiate with each other on the subjects that matter most

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