Ep #25: How to Get Good at Receiving Feedback

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For most managers receiving feedback on performance is really tough.  You don't like how it makes you feel.  So you don't actively go out and pursue it.  Maybe you wait until your performance review.  Or you wait for your boss to approach you and ask questions about your long-term goals.  Or you receive feedback and then beat yourself up about it for 3 weeks afterwards.  That's all normal.  And it simply means you haven't developed the skills yet to be good at receiving feedback.

On today's episode, I am sharing with you those skills so you can start getting good at receiving feedback today.  I am I debunking feedback myths like asking for feedback only opens the door to have your boss criticize you.  Or if my boss has something to tell me, he will tell me.  Or my boss is too busy to sit down and listen to what I want from my career.

I give you examples of quick wins my clients have received just by starting the conversation with their boss.  You'll learn how you can make it a monthly practice with your boss.  You'll know how to ask better questions.  And I will even show you how I run 360 feedback sessions for all of my clients.

Getting good at receiving feedback plays a critical role in your success at the senior leadership level and today I am showing you how to start doing it.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why asking for feedback sets you up to succeed, not fail
  • Why it's especially challenging to solicit feedback at the middle management level
  • Quick wins you should expect to receive once you start the conversations
  • How to ask better questions so it's not "all about you"
  • What you can begin to do on your own even before you hire a coach for a more formal 360 review

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