Ep #22: Redefining Success During the Pandemic: A Conversation with 3 Senior Leaders

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This crisis is raw.  It is challenging.  But it is also a time where leaders can really shine.
In today's episode, I am celebrating 3 of my Vice President level clients: Corine Christoff, Vice President of Human Resources at Alpha Precision Group, Jennifer Fisher, Vice President of Sales at Worldstrides Higher Education and Yovani Pina, Vice President of Information Technology at Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Each of them are not only persevering throughout this crisis but they are turning into high performance leaders.  Each works in an industry that is struggling right now, from manufacturing, to study abroad and the performing arts but yet they have stayed innovative, focused and strategic, setting themselves up to be the go-to person for their organizations.

You will learn how they have redefined success for themselves as leaders, how they have stayed focused on what's most important and how they have remained sane throughout the process.  Their wins are so huge, you will just have to listen and hear it for yourself.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why building trust in your leadership abilities ahead of time is the key to success during a crisis.
  • How taking initiative isn't about having all the answers.
  • The reason leaders need to stay out of the weeds so they can guide their team during uncertain times.
  • The process that led to each of them to becoming an example for their organization in what is truly possible right now.
  • Real stories of 3 unbelievable wins!!!

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