Ep #21: The Secret To Building Trust in Your Ability to Lead at a Higher Level

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I think it's fair to say that in order to get promoted into a higher level leadership position, you need to build trust with your boss and the leadership team.  It's also a good idea to trust yourself that you can actually be successful in the role once you do receive it.  But you may be stuck in how to actually get there.  

In today's episode I'll show you how you can build trust with the leadership team, your boss and yourself with one simple action.

You might be afraid to create too big of a vision for your career because you're not totally sure how to get there.

You're focusing on the limitations on your time.  "Will I have time to do a C-suite role?"  

Or the limitations on your abilities.  "Do I have what it takes to be successful?"  

Or the limitations of your organization. "Sure a C-suite role would be nice but not with this company."

But none of these thoughts are going to actually get you closer to your next promotion.

This week I will show you exactly how you can 3x the vision for your career.  I'll walk you through a simple process so that you never have to wonder how to build trust in your abaility to lead at a higher level again.  

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What You'll Learn:

  • How you can be both rational and aspirational with setting goals
  • The reason you are more likely to only set goals that feel obtainable
  • Why 3xing the vision for your career actually builds trust with the leadership team
  • Why this also speeds up the process in reaching your short term goals
  • The real reason you are so hesitant to own your bigger career aspirations

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