Ep #18: How to Say No to Meetings

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If you're like most managers, you are attending too many meetings.  In fact, you were likely attending too many meetings before the world went virtual and now that number has increased x3.  And I bet 30% of those meetings are not helping you be a more productive leader.  Yet your willingness to say no to them isn't there.

If you are having difficulty saying no to meetings, you are not alone.  A 2019 Korn Ferry survey of 1,945 leaders thirty-five percent said that they’d go to a meeting even if they knew it wasn’t going to be productive, instead of declining the meeting.

This is a serious problem.  And it's not only making you less productive but it's affecting your stress levels and your ability to make the impact you want to be making at work.

In today's episode, I'll be addressing this challenge in 3 different ways:

  1. Why it is so difficult to say no to meetings
  2. How we should be prioritizing meetings (it's not what you think)
  3. How to actually say no to meetings

It is possible to say no to meetings and not ruin your hardworking reputation.  It is possible to say no to meetings and still have respect from your boss.  In fact, your inability to prioritize meetings could be the thing keeping you from making that next level of impact at your organization.

The time is now to just say no.

What You'll Learn:

  • Exactly why it's so difficult to say no to meetings
  • The single mindset shift you can make if you want to start saying no to meetings today
  • Why the meetings you think you can skip might actually be the one's you should attend
  • How this crisis is giving you the perfect excuse to just say no
  • The reason saying no actually helps your reputation instead of tarnishing it

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