Ep #17: Creative LinkedIn Strategies During the Time of Covid-19 with Alie Jules

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LinkedIn usage is up.  Professionals are turning online to connect with colleagues and friends.  Managers are researching stress management tools, time management resources and online meeting protocols.  Recently laid off workers are seeking out their next opportunity.  But many leaders are also using LinkedIn as a platform for social change, to develop their thought leadership and to share their values and the "why" behind the work they do.

Alie Jules is an accidental LinkedIn expert.  In 2019, she created a series of posts that went viral.  And she used that success as an opportunity to experiment and understand what it means to really make an authentic and meaningful connection on LinkedIn.

In today's episode she is giving us very practical tools that we can use on LinkedIn to create deeper, more meaningful connections with others.  She talks about how you can be yourself and also remain professional and how this builds trust with your team and your organization.

Now is a time to experiment.  It's a time to challenge what is working or not working to get you to your career goals.  LinkedIn is a platform where you can try something new.  And that something new could be just what you need to make it to that next level of leadership.


What You'll Learn:

  • Why you don't have to create your own posts to engage and build meaningful relationships
  • A simple tool that you can use if you want to use LinkedIn simply for #research and leadership #inspiration
  • How showing up authentically on social media builds trust with your team
  • The reason this is such an important time to get creative and experiment online
  • Exactly how LinkedIn sets you up to be seen as a Thought Leader and make a bigger impact at your organization

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