Ep #151: Stop Using Diversity as a Selling Point and Start Being Diverse Instead

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I have always been different.

As a child, I stood out from other people at my school.

I had bright red hair, freckles over my entire body, and I rocked a set of braces all through high school.

And I was also always louder, more emotional, more dramatic, more creative, and more driven than most of the people around me.

My loving and supportive family had a word for what I was:


Very different, actually.

And so I prided myself in my difference.

I led with that difference when trying to define the leader I was becoming in my career and later in my own coaching business.

And I bet you lead with your difference in your career too.

You may have even spotlighted your difference when trying to advance yourself to the executive suite.

And to be 100% clear: you are a unique and wonderful human being, and your organization needs you and all your uniqueness at the leadership table.

But there’s a problem with this approach.

You’re so busy emphasizing your difference, that you aren’t showing the leadership team all the incredible executive leadership traits that you have in common with them.

So in this episode of Women Changing Leadership with Stacy Mayer, I’m going to show you why you need to stop using your diversity as a selling point when it comes to advocating for your promotion and how to start being more diverse instead.

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What You'll Learn:

  • My personal journey to always wanting to emphasize my difference
  • Why you can’t be more like everybody else even if you tried
  • Why you need to lead with commonality instead of difference
  • The problems that occur when you lead with your diversity
  • Practical examples of what leading with your executive leadership traits looks like in action

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About Your Host

Hi! I'm Stacy Mayer, a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by getting 1000 underrepresented corporate managers promoted into senior executive positions each year worldwide.

I help undervalued executives scale to the C-Suite using repositioning strategies that build your confidence and visibility, so you can earn the recognition and support you need from key stakeholders while embodying your unique leadership style.

My podcast “Women Changing Leadership with Stacy Mayer” tackles topics like executive communication, getting more respect in the workplace from challenging bosses and team members, and avoiding the common mistakes that sabotage career advancement.

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