Ep #15: How Being in Crisis Mode is Helping Managers Get Out of the Weeds

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Getting out of the weeds has likely been on your list of priorities for awhile now.  And chances are good that you have noticed a shift in the hours you have been able to put in at work over the past few weeks.  So without trying, you are finally able to get out of the weeds.

  • Maybe this is because you are working on completely different projects right now. 
  • Maybe it's because you aren't able to put in as many hours working from home. 
  • Or perhaps it's just because there aren't enough hours in the day to DO ALL THE THINGS.

Is it also possible that you never really had to do all the things before either?  

​​I think it is and not only that, trying to do it all could be what is keeping you from landing you a place on the leadership team.

Knowing how to prioritize is leadership.  

And in today's episode, I am showing you exactly how you can continue to prioritize long after this crisis ends so that you never have to go back to being in the weeds again.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why being in the weeds is actually keeping you from being successful at work
  • Why you might be resistant to handing off responsibility
  • The reason this crisis is helping you learn how to prioritize
  • How to use your time once you are able to get out of the weeds
  • How you can sustain this leadership skill long after things return to "normal"

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