Ep. #14: The Secret to Managing Your Emotions at Work

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On today's episode I will not be talking about managing your stress levels during a time of crisis.  I won't be showing you how to keep your cool while the world is crumbling around you.  Or even what to say to your boss when she asks, "how are you doing?"

Although these things are super important to manage right now but there are plenty of resources out there to help you manage your stress levels, stay healthy, get more exercise or even get a solid night's sleep.  And I suggest that if you are feeling extra anxious these days (first of all congratulations that means you're human) go out there and get the support you need.

Now is the time to do whatever it takes to Make IT Work.  And if you don't have access to those resources, shoot me an email.  I am a walking encyclopedia these days for well being practices.

But what I am going to talk about on today's episode is how to manage those nagging sensations that have been there for you all along.  You know, the annoyance you feel towards you co-worker who puts in half the effort but gets the same recognition as you.  Or the boss who drives you up the wall because he won't give you the time of day.  Or even the frustration you feel towards your organization right now if they aren't handling the crisis the way you would prefer.

And the good news is that my solution is not all that complicated.  In fact, it's only one thing.  But this simple yet highly effective mindset shift has so much power over your emotional world, once you get that mastered, you can pretty much handle anything that comes up for you.

Now is not a time to spend your days worried about that annoying manager who is constantly monopolizing team meetings.  You have more important matters to attend to and I am going to help you GET BACK TO WORK.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why having a high Emotional Intelligence score doesn't necessarily mean you will be good at managing your emotions at work.
  • Why this is the perfect time to practice managing your emotions at work.
  • How to know if you are as good at hiding your emotions as you think you are.
  • The surprising role that understanding your core values plays into managing your emotions at work.
  • Why managing your emotions at work will catapult your chances of getting a promotion.

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