Ep #11: The Dance of Advocating for Yourself

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Last week I shared with you the importance of advocating for yourself BEFORE performance review time.  But if you have ever tried to do this, you may know it can be easier said than done.

There are two main reasons that most managers don't advocate for themself: 1) They don't understand the importance of it or see the value in it or 2) They are just not sure exactly HOW and WHEN to do it.  Today I'll be addressing both.


Join me this week as I walk you through an actual client case study so that you can witness first hand the power of advocating for yourself.  You'll see the delicate dance in action so that you can know exactly what to share and when to share it. And learn how to remedy the situation if you've gone too far.

There is a delicate dance between sharing about your accomplishments  and appearing as if you are bragging or too boastful.  The last thing you want to be seen as is arrogant and pushy.  But the good news is that this dance is learnable.

And once you learn it, you'll never have to feel left out of the promotion cycle again.

What You'll Learn:

  • The importance of advocating for yourself
  • The timing of advocating for yourself
  • How to catch yourself before you go too far
  • The important mindset shift that needs to happen before you can speak up
  • What's in it for your boss

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