Ep #10: Why You Should NOT Wait Until Your Performance Review to Ask for a Promotion

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I get it.  To you, it makes logical sense that you save the conversations about a promotion for performance review time.  It's easier.  It feels less awkward.  It's the one time of year where your boss actually asks YOU about your professional development goals.

But the problem with this approach is it's often too late.  If you wait until performance review time to gather feedback then you are inevitably left waiting (and hoping) for an entire year for your next opportunity.  Or if you are offered a promotion, there's no guarantee it will happen again.  There is a better way.

In today's episode, I am climbing on top of my soapbox to dispel the myth once and for all that professional growth conversations only happen once a year.  I am breaking down ALL the reasons why it's such a terrible idea to wait until your performance review to talk about your next promotion and exactly what you can do instead.

Don't wait for your boss to make a decision about YOUR development path.  You can take ownership today!

What You'll Learn:

  • All the reasons waiting until your performance review to ask for a promotion is such a bad idea.
  • Why you might think it makes sense to wait.
  • Client case studies that further demonstrate why this is such a bad idea
  • Exactly what you can do instead.
  • And learn about one of my personal career ambitions.

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