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Wondering what it takes to get promoted when there’s no clear handbook available?

You can hit your benchmarks. Get glowing performance reviews. Come into work early, stay late, and be a fantastic team leader — if all you want to do is box yourself into your current role forever. And while you’re sitting “on deck,” waiting to get rewarded for all your hard work and patience...Someone else is stealing the promotion that should have been yours.

There’s an unspoken set of rules about what it really takes to break into senior executive roles.

Vice President and C-Suite level roles don’t just fall into your lap, even if you’ve been loyal to a company for years and taken the initiative. And the higher you climb that leadership ladder, the fiercer the competition gets...

So how DO you get ahead and join the coveted ranks of senior executive leadership where the most fulfilling, impactful work awaits you?

I’m Stacy Mayer.

I'm a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist for powerhouse corporate women who are ready to move up in their leadership role, so they can have more influence in their organizations — and the higher pay that comes with it.

Here’s the thing: If you want to get promoted and have a voice at the table, you can't follow the same path as your current leadership team that doesn't look, think and act like you.   You have to write your own rules.

I help leaders reposition themselves to advance their careers, build confidence in their problem-solving abilities, and communicate more strategically so their ideas can truly be heard.


Get a step-by-step roadmap for increasing your chances of promotion in as little as 6 months.

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Stay aligned with your values as you move up

Define your natural strengths and discover your unique leadership style, so you get the results you want by showing up the way you want to be seen.

Strategically grow your impact and influence

Be known as a thought leader and inspire a shared vision, so you can encourage innovation and motivate others to reach organizational goals.

Do more of the rewarding, big-vision work you love

Start attracting the higher-profile opportunities you want, where your true brilliance can shine — and your ideas and contributions have a bigger impact.

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