Hi, I’m Stacy Mayer, an Authentic Leadership Coach and Facilitator for women executives, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who need help reclaiming their power.

I’m passionate about helping others realize their full potential. We all have the ability to be the successes we desire to be, sometimes we just need a little help seeing the path.

I coach executives to develop a clear direction toward their goals by guiding them into the core of what’s truly holding them back in their career, personal life or both.  Through questioning and curious inquiry, we are able to unpack and develop a plan for how to succeed.

Areas of support include change management, leadership skills and development, well-being, visioning, utilizing strengths, balancing and managing time, setting goals and accountability and dealing with issues that affect all areas of their career and business.

My personal journey helped me discover mindfulness, a tool I’m incredibly passionate about.

As a self motivated learner and entrepreneur, I started my own theater company in New York under the belief that I didn’t need to wait for others to accept me and that I could create my own path.

Living in New York, I worked at a hedge fund with strong corporate training for almost a decade. While I took advantage of this training as much as possible, my favorite was the yoga and meditation programs they offered. I also sensed that many of my co-workers were stressed and on the verge of burn out, and could really benefit from all I was learning. I began to share techniques with those around me, eventually going on to teach both tools at an off-site retreat.

After leaving my job at the hedge fund, I traveled to India on a one-way ticket to receive my yoga teaching certification and strengthen my personal meditation practice. Upon return, I started my own freelance business working in the executive coaching and facilitation industry. I’m currently a coach and facilitator for Platinum Exchange Women’s Leadership Program and lead workshops in San Francisco where I live with my husband and newborn daughter.

Some fun facts about me:

  1. I am a born and raised Kentucky girl but I love the big city and have lived in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.
  2. I met my husband in meditation class.  And we still mediate together (almost) every evening.
  3. I purchased a one-way ticket to India where I traveled for three months teaching yoga to people from all over the world.
  4. My favorite reality show is The Amazing Race and it would be a dream come true to be a contestant some day (hint, hint to anyone who knows the producers).
  5. I studied and performed improvisational comedy at Chicago’s Improv Olympic where Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler got their start.
  6. I founded Manhattan Comedy Collective where we produced and performed over 250 shows in New York’s Times Square.
  7. I created and starred in my own one-woman show titled The Funeralogues, a drop dead comedy based on stories and interviews I collected from friends and family about funerals.  This site-specific show traveled to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, had a real casket on stage and my character was a self-professed funeral crasher.  It was one of the most inspiring things I have ever done.
  8. My passion for women’s leadership came from my desire to help women get ahead in business and my own personal journey to develop more self-confidence.
  9. The larger the audience, the more comfortable I feel, which often results in a desire to “leap before I’m ready.”
  10. I have been on several juice cleanses.  My favorite juice is The Incredible Hulk, a powerfully delicious green juice made with kale.  Yum.